RRIS Neurorehabilitation Research Roundtable Discussion

Published on: 18-Jan-2017

Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS) had a Neurorehabilitation Roundtable Discussion hosted at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) on 17th January 2017, led by Prof Guan Cuntai (NTU/A*STAR) and Dr Karen Chua (TTSH).  The workshop provided a platform for clinical and academic/technical researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and National Healthcare Group (NHG) to present, exchange knowledge and discuss ideas.  Discussion among attendees highlighted critical clinical needs and challenges of neurorehabilitation field, and also generated innovative research ideas and directions.  RRIS aims to consolidate and utilize such valuable inputs in the design of it's upcoming Psychosocial Rehabilitation Thematic Research Programme - an initiative to promote collaborative rehabilitation research in order to generate new knowledge to improve rehabilitation clinical practices in the field of psychosocial rehabilitation. 

RRIS will like to express gratitude to all who have helped made this event a success.


​Presentation (Clinical)​Dr Karen Chua​Unmet Needs in Rehabilitation: Clinical Innovation for Technology Survival
​Presentation (Clinical)​Dr Loh Yong Joo​Neurorehabilitation Technology Needs for the Future
​Presentation (Clinical)​Dr Huang Wanping​Cognitive Rehabilitation
​Presentation (Clinical)​Mr Christopher Kuah​Stroke Hand Rehabilitation Challenges
​Presentation (Clinical)​Mr Derek Tan ​Clinical Challenges in Rehab Nursing that Innovation can Help
​Presentation (Technical)​Prof Guan Cuntai​Technologies for Neuro-Rehabilitation


Snippets of RRIS Psychosocial Rehabilitation Workshop 


Opening by Prof Ang Wei Tech and Dr Karen Chua


Presentation by Dr Karen Chua


Presentation by Dr Loh Yong Joo


Presentation by Dr Huang Wanping


Tea Break / Networking Session


Presentation by Mr Derek Tan


Roundtable Discussion


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