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Research Programmes

​Rehabilitation Research institute of Singapore (RRIS) envisions becoming a world-class institute with focus on interdisciplinary research and innovation in rehabilitation science and technology for quality healthcare delivery. As RRIS is established against the backdrop of a rapidly ageing Singapore society that expects a high quality healthcare system which delivers highly effective and productive services, it is expected to play a significant role in facilitating more collaborative rehabilitation researches at a national, if not, regional level. 

​The Ability Data Project aims to establish an 
Asian-centric normative and patient movement database consisting of kinetic and kinematic data. 

The development and clinical validation of movement proficiency indices (MPI) built on statistical parametric mapping (SPM) to formulate a decision-support framework for improved musculoskeletal management and joint health.

Development and trial of a Connected Rehabilitation Platform and associated technology to enable motivation, education and monitoring of patients at home and in the community to provide empowerment and ensure their wellness, with focus on movement and movement related data.

To enable AT to be more effective in serving the needs of users by employing a data-driven approach to make assistive devices more intelligent in detecting human intents and to provide adaptive assistance in the accomplishment of ADLs.

Towards a holistic understanding of health-related quality of life trajectories among first-time stroke patients and their family caregivers in Singapore: Needs, strengths and actions to aid psychosocial recovery and rehabilitation


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